Viral Marketing – Giving Back To Your Customers

A lot of companies these days have jumped on a familiar bandwagon of using pranks or shock value videos to hope for a viral reach online. One company decided to truly give back to its customers to show just how thankful they are for their loyalty.

First of all I have to applaud the TD Bank for humanizing their brand at the most basic level. Not only did they decide to give back they did so in a customized way for each of their customers and that’s the reason why this video leaves a mark and tugs on your heart. Yeah, I’m a sap!

The one constant in building a successful brand is never forgetting just how much your customers mean to you. Without them you’re selling products and talking to yourself. I see it a lot these days though where brands miss the mark by focusing too much on themselves rather than those that build them up and sing their praises.

One of my favorite things to do for my clients is searching out what’s being said about them  online. I’m not giving them gifts but when a customer sees a Tweet or post with their name believe it or not this ends up being a gift. When these customers feel like their voice is being heard you’re connecting with them in a personal way that just wasn’t possible a few years ago and trust me when I tell you that their loyalty becomes even stronger.

What it really all comes down to is that if you want your customers to be loyal to you then you should be doing the same in return!

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