So What’s Your Excuse?? – An Amazing Story

So ‘kicking’ off this summer Brazil is going to be the home to the world’s greatest soccer players! This is going to be an exciting time for sure BUT not even the best players can touch the determination and passion that 19 year old Nico Calabria has.

Born with just 1 leg life has always been an uphill batter for this young man. Sure when you’re younger you don’t know any better but as we all know other kids can be cruel and having just 1 leg definitely has its limitations. Take a peek at the inspirational story below and then ask yourself a very serious question.. “What’s My Excuse?”

As someone that had to spend a solid year to learn walking again I can tell you firsthand just how much we really do take small things like walking for granted. There are people struggling right now just to take a few steps, get out of bed to look out the window or just get out of the house for a few hours to see an old friend. Just because you can’t see other people’s struggles doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Take a walk down a hallway at a hospital for a reality check if you’re really THAT blind.

Take the story of Nico not as a pity party but rather as a quiet reminder that maybe, just maybe, things aren’t as bad as you think they are. Stay strong and keep on keepin’ on!