Just How Smart Is This Luggage?

Traveling doesn’t always include flying to tropical places for vacation. It sure would be nice if it was! The truth is that a lot of times you need to keep your business rocking even when you’re at 30,000 feet. Because of this you always need to make sure you pack all of your tech toys!

Leave it to a crafty MIT student named Brian Chen to bring luggage into the 21st century. Take a look at the video below to see just how freggin’ smart this luggage really is!

After a little investigating we’ve confirmed that these have been approved by the TSA so you won’t be left empty handed at the airport. With the Bluesmart carry-on you can charge your iPhone up to 6 times with the built in battery and with the tracking features it’s certain that you’ll never lose your luggage again. The price tag of $270 is more than reasonable in my opinion assuming that the actual luggage piece isn’t a cheap piece of crap. Check out this page soon though because they have less than 10 at this price and then the regular retail price will go up to $450.

It’s amazing how technology and social media have grown together. Just a few years ago the thought of getting total strangers to invest in a product from a person they don’t even know would have sounded crazy as hell. Gotta love the internet!