Ship My Pants!

There are some things that you just HAVE To see. Obviously this is one of them or else we wouldn’t be here blabbing about it. If you haven’t seen this yet get ready for some goodness…


As you can see this is the perfect way to compliment their ‘ship to your home’ service. Sure most companies offer this to their customers but look who went out of their way to make it a memorable experience that people actually talk about. This isn’t the first ‘Ship My Pants’ campaign by Kmart but it sure is ‘fitting’ for this time of year don’t you think?

The funny part is that what makes this work is at the core of all of us…we laugh at the same ‘ship’ we did when we were kids.

How does this apply to you??

Look at what you are looking to promote in a fun way. People like to laugh and not feel like they are being sold. In our opinion there’s nothing worse than a hard sell!

Take a look at what’s relevant in the world. Okay forget about the ‘ship’ angle on this campaign BUT they did a great job at mixing things up with a little holiday flair.

They applied social media by tagging the campaign with the #ShipMyPants hashtag. You can’t afford NOT to do things like this these days!

Be different and people notice. Yep, there’s nothing to add to that…just try it!