Marketing and Advertising

Are you ready to launch a new product or build your audience but you aren’t sure how? Our team specializes in using Experiential Marketing to create highly unique campaigns that showcase and spread the word about your exciting new product or business. It’s the seamless combination of these creative new tactics, along with highlighting your online social presence, that will help you stand out from the crowd. Let the Mischief begin!

Brand Consulting

Is your company looking to find its voice? Our team is comprised of motivated individuals who use exciting and unconventional tactics to help you stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking to try something new and exciting to give your company an edge over the competition then we’re here to help. Thinking outside the box isn’t just something that we do it’s who we are!

Social Media Management

Our founder Luke Dancy has worked with celebrities, major brands and start ups. His social media management will focus on content strategy, developing brand awareness and generating inbound traffic to cultivate leads and sales. Luke is a ‘plugged in’ highly motivated individual with a wealth of experience and a passion for designing and implementing a company‚Äôs content strategy, creating relevant content, blogging and community participation.

Keynote Speaking
If you’re looking for an exciting, engaging and motivated speech about Marketing or Advertising then we can rock your world! We’ve consulted for major players in the business world and now you and your audience can get the inside information that others are searching for. Don’t just get a step ahead of the competition..crush it!