Summer Is Here – Don’t Be Stupid!

Summer is here and the heat has officially arrived! When you live in the desert, Las Vegas in my case, the heat smacks you in the face as soon as you walk out the door whether it’s day or night. The average right now is at least 110 and there’s no looking back at this point.

No matter where you are though it’s hot and not just for us! A lot of people will take their dogs out for a ride and then leave them in the car so they can run into a store real quick. The thinking here is that it’s okay because the windows are cracked, yeah you know you’ve seen situations just like this.

You might think this is okay but the truth is that it’s not and Dr. Ernie Ward set out to prove this by leaving himself in a car for 30 minutes with the windows cracked.

As you can see there’s nothing fun, or good, that comes from being trapped in a car like this. If you’re going to take on the responsibility of having a pet then it’s only fitting to be responsible and do the right thing!

The really sad thing is that last summer I didn’t see someone do this with their pet but with 2 small kids! I watched as this piece of crap lady ran into a store and then the kids started crying so I ran over to the car and saw them sitting there. As the lady came back out I ripped her a new asshole and her lame ass response was that the kids were crying because they didn’t have anymore french fries. I’m still sitting here shaking my head in disgust!

When you see garbage like this do the right thing and don’t let it happen, some people obviously just don’t get it or even more pathetic they just don’t care!


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