Peg It Forward – A Positive Message

A friend recently shared a great concept with me where the simple intention of spreading a positive message is being highlighted in a very cool way. The clever people over at Peg It Forward have created a movement of sorts where you secretly ‘tag’ someone with a peg that has a positive message written on it.

I love the play on words of the original ‘Pay It Forward’ movement with the pegs and giving people a reason to smile. These are the kinds of things that should be getting more attention in the world!

Here’s a clip of the secret tagging in action…

As you can see these people have no idea that they’ve just been ‘hit’ with a positive message. Once someone realizes that they have one they’re directed to the Peg It Forward website where everything starts to make sense.

I really dig the fact that when I reached out to them the people at Peg It Forward kept it anonymous with me so I have no idea who they are. This is great though as I’m a firm believer that when you do good deeds you should do them for the right reasons and not for the publicity that comes with it.

I couldn’t wait to write this because I think it’s a fantastic concept that more people should know about and if someone is presenting a positive message then count me in as a fan and advocate!

Tell your friends about this and Peg It Forward!