No Excuses!

No Excuses!

We all get so caught up in our daily lives and feel like the small things are sometimes just too much to handle so we end up putting off doing these things. Recently I saw one of the most inspiring things that I think we should all watch. It not only shows that anything is possible it also shows the unconditional love a father has for his son. Take a look at the video below and get ready to look at life in a brand new way.

The strength and love that these two have for each other is truly inspiring. Not only does this open the door to do all the things you never thought you could do it also shows off a true hero that all fathers should strive to be. For me I’ve taken a step back to realize just how much more I can do for my son. We should all look at people like this as heroes and not the ‘reality stars’ and messed up athletes that get paid crazy amounts of money for playing a game.

As Dave Matthews says in his song Two Step…

“Life is short but sweet for certain”

-l u k e