Negativity Can’t Touch You! – Burn Bright

Everyone has hopes and dreams but most people let life or other things get in the way. Well let’s do our best together to make sure that you don’t let this happen to you!

Being an entrepreneur is all about having heart and pushing yourself to the limits both physically and emotionally. You will probably also end up with people criticizing you for doing what they’re not willing  to do. Well the last thing you need are these type of people bringing their negativity your way. Let’s be honest this is the type of negativity the hits the majority of people on a very personal level and brings them down the most.

Well here’s the deal, if you are aware of this then you won’t let this negative energy even get close to touching you. Here’s a quick metaphor that I’d like to share with you that will hopefully relate to you and help keep you motivated to keep crushing it and making those dreams a reality.

Warm the hands off the candles

Think of yourself as a candle burning brightly, yep that’s you! Now there’s always going to be a breeze, negative energy, that’s trying to softly blow out your flame and stop you from succeeding. The thing is though that if you keep the breeze just far enough away it CAN’T touch you and you will burn brightly until you accomplish what you set out to do…and YOU WILL!

When you’re pushing yourself every day and acting as your own best cheerleader it helps to remind yourself that most people just can’t understand your passion and drive. The truth is if you take a look in the mirror you will be looking at the only person that can stop you.

Dream it, believe it and do it!

I’ve got your back…

  • Geoff

    Thanks for this post – I like the candle metaphor. Here’s to working on keeping the entrepeneurial candle burning