Move Mountains – You can do anything!

We love moments like this! It all started last night on TV when Will Smith rocked out an amazing performance in “The Pursuit of Happyness” a movie which first hit theaters back in 2006. This is a ‘feel good’ story of a guy down on his luck that just won’t take no for an answer. It’s based on the true life story of Chris Gardner who truly had nothing but is now a powerful executive with a bank account that smiles right back at him.


The thing that we realized while watching the movie was that we found ourselves smiling from the small victories along his journey. It really seemed like he would take 2 steps forward and then take one step back. The one thing that never changed was his will to succeed and see a better life for his son. Of course we got fired up to keep moving forward and take on the world.

We truly have a passion for the things we do but the reality that set in was that those moments of inspiration end for most people when they finish a movie like this. Can you imagine the power behind you if you felt this kind of burning emotion all the time?!?

Every day can be an inspiration if you just find the right ways to get in that zone. One of our favorite songs ‘Mountains’ by Emile Sande is such a soothing song that quietly inspires us and keeps us going. If it’s not a song, then read something. If it’s not that find something else. The bottom line is that inspiration is all around you so do your best to find it.

Be your own toughest critic BUT never forget to be your own best cheerleader too and always believe in the final vision. See it and dream it BUT make it happen.

Dream those dreams and move those mountains…