Mischief With Cellphones!

One of the great things about having such a diverse company is that we don’t just focus on business all the time. There are more than enough high brow business people running around competing with each other so why bother. Actually what you’re about to learn is the PERFECT thing for the type of people we were just talking about. Get ready to learn 5 great pranks you can do with an iPhone.

Check out this bit of Mischief from our friends over at BuzzFeed!

I think out of the 5 pranks listed the first one has to be my favorite! Imagine someone just sitting there waiting and waiting for a message from you. Come on you know you want to try it! Here’s the link to grab the 3 dots gif that you need to pull off that one!

Don’t worry Android friends there’s a bit of Mischief for you too. Yep, our buddies over at BuzzFeed think of everything!

As a good friend of mine once told me…revenge is best served cold. Get ’em when they’re least expecting it! Spread the Mischief…