Live, Laugh and Love

There are really only two guarantees when it comes to your life…you’re going to pay taxes and you’re going to die. Think about that for a moment and how true it really is.

Everything and anything else that comes your way is a learning lesson in one way or another. It’s crazy to think that a 1 minute video clip can capture the essence of this but I found a young guy by the name of Elvis de Leon, a guy that grew up in poverty but has now overcome the odds, that has a unique perspective about living every day to its fullest. Take a minute to enjoy the inspiring words from someone that knows what it really means to live life.

It’s up to you how you view the world and how you live it. The only thing I can hope is that when you see things like this you take a moment to reflect and think of how maybe, just maybe, you’ve been blinded by society and there really is a deeper meaning AND that there are people out there that refuse to stop dreaming and who truly enjoy the moments.

Live, laugh and love!