Ice Ice Baby – Cool Off That Drink

Summer is here and wow is it hot out there! Think about this, how many times have you been sweating like crazy and reach for a cold drink BUT it’s not cold? Well here’s a great ‘life hack’ that you can do in under 2 minutes that will drastically lower the temperature of your brew.

So there you have it! Just because it’s hot out there it doesn’t mean you have to be drinking warm liquids that feel like they came from the neighborhood water fountain at the park.

This is a great tip but on a more serious note when it comes to the summer and the heat that comes with it don’t forget to keep your pets away from those parked cars. I wrote an eye opening piece about this right here and you’ll be surprised at what one doctor did to prove just how harmful this can be to your pet. Unfortunately our pets don’t have any ‘life hacks’ to help protect them from the heat.

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Enjoy the summer and those cold drinks.