Facebook Is Listening – They Can Hear You!

So Facebook has announced that coming soon you’ll have the option to let them listen in on what’s going on around you. This new feature for the Facebook app will listen in on a song or a movie and then share this information with your friends and family with short previews of this content as a form of advertisement.

Maybe I’m a bit ‘old school’ but I don’t see why people think that other people really care about what’s going on around them. Of course vacation photos, the birth of a new child or any other life changing event makes sense but come on if you’re watching a movie then WATCH the movie! Trust me, I’m all about the advancement of technology and the sharing of content but if I really want someone to know what I’m up to I’ll happily post it online with a message to go with it.

As you can see the feature IS optional but I’ll be really curious to see if it actually catches on. For advertisers this is a GREAT way to get your product in front of people through word of mouth but on a personal level I just don’t get it.

Check out the official Facebook page to get all the details on this new feature and what it might mean to you.


  • http://www.thedailydeception.com/ Xavior Spade

    Great another way for them to pull money into marketing for the large media companies for free and make us pay for advertising to people who like or follow our pages…. Can’t wait..

    • lukedancy

      Yep, you know it!