Xero Gravity – Disruptive Marketing

Social Mischief is about a lot of things but marketing is our ‘wheelhouse’ as the cool kids say. I have to be honest though, doing things the traditional way never really felt right and that’s why experiential marketing really speaks to me. Recently Xero, and marketing ninja Saul Colt, contacted Max Major and myself to put together a disruptive marketing stunt for them in San Jose.

With a background in creating magic for television and magicians like Criss Angel, yep the MINDFREAK, I do my best to bring a creative edge to any project that I’m involved in. Xero has the best cloud based accounting software around and loves to push the limits with their marketing so we knew that teaming up and working together was going to be a lot of fun.

Saul Colt leads the marketing charge for Xero and when we met here in Vegas back in August it was easy to see that we’d be rocking some Mischef together. Saul mentioned that he’s always been a big fan of magic so when Max Major and I pitched the ‘Xero Gravity’ stunt it was on!

Catching people off guard and having a built in photo op for people to talk about and share online turned out to be a huge success. The fact that several QuickBooks staff, yep the people working the event that we were crashing, stopped by to snap some photos with our Xero branded stunt was proof enough to all of us that we definitely did something right!

High fives to the amazing Saul Colt, the killer Xero team, Max Major and all the cool cats that stopped by to check us out! When you mix your passion with business you’re unstoppable and the sky is the limit. Just wait until you see what’s next…