Amazon Is Opening What?? – It’s Coming


When you think of online retailers who are crushing it the names that pop up the most are Amazon, Zappos and probably Ebay. Amazon is ready to break the mold though by opening up an actual store in Manhattan according to the Wall Street Journal. This won’t be your typical retail store though, think of it more like a warehouse where you can pick up and drop off returns.

Sources are also saying that you may be able to order something online in the morning and pick it up the same day at the store. There’s no confirmation to this but it sure is a cool concept if you think about it.

The biggest question of all is whether this venture is going to pay off for Amazon. When a company is known more for ordering from the comfort of your home and super fast shipping will people actually want to break out of the norm to visit a store.

From a marketing perspective it will be interesting to see how they spin this new concept and get behind it. I’m not sure what kind of success their ‘lockers’ are having but to be honest I didn’t even know they existed before this story came out.

amazon locker
There’s one thing for sure, you have to hand it to Amazon for trying something new and to keep pushing the way people do business. Personally I can’t wait to see what’s next!